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Request a ride

Request a trip at any time with peace of mind and confidence, we take you anywhere, we wait for you, whatever you need and more.

From £ 60

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Ship or pickup

We ship or collect and deliver anything you need such as documents, gifts, packages, boxes, suitcases, furniture, appliances, bulky items and more.

From £ 30

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Errands & shopping

Ask for everything you need with complete confidence such as buying a gift and delivering it, going to the supermarket or pharmacy, picking up medicines, taking the car to the workshop, watering the plants, feeding your cat or taking your pet to the vet and more.

From £ 30

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Procedures & formalities

We do all kinds of formalities and procedures anywhere you need, no matter where you are.

From £ 30

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Help in general

We help you with anything you need such as accompanying you to the doctor, taking you to the hospital, assembling an Ikea furniture, helping you with the move and more.

From £ 30

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Home repairs

We do all kinds of repairs like changing a lock, repairing blinds, repairing plugs, changing a lamp, painting a room, repairing the cistern, unclogging the sink and more.

From £ 60

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Professional cleaner

We do all kinds of cleaning with professional quality such as home cleaning, office cleaning, premises cleaning, general cleaning and more.

From £ 30

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Food delivery

Order food at home from restaurants in your area and we will deliver it to your home or wherever you are. Pizzas, hamburgers and more.

From £ 30

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24h Store at home

We make the purchase you need at any time for food, groceries, tobacco, alcohol and more.

From £ 30

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Supermarket at home

We make the grocery shopping list you need at any time and we take it to your home.

From £ 30

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Pharmacy at home

We make the shopping list in the pharmacy you need at any time and we take it to your home.

From £ 30

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Other options

Make your proposal!

Send us your proposal of what you need with complete confidence, we will give you the best solution

From £ 30

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Promote your products or services

We publish your products or services on our social media, added value.

From £ 30

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Price/quality. Totally recommended.

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What do you want to order?

Recader® is a web and app where you can order everything you need in a simple, easy and uncomplicated way.

With Recader® you can confidently order anything, anywhere, anytime. Our team is made up of trusted people and experienced professionals who will help you with everything you ask for.

To request or request our services or products, you only have to visit our website or app at and choose the service or product you need or send us your proposal, we will receive your request or order and we will contact you so that you do not have to worry about nothing.

You can also contact us by phone, WhatsApp or email, we will be happy to assist you.

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Customer Support

Contact us at any time to ask for everything you need or if you have problems with what you have ordered and need help.

Remember that you can also request everything you need directly on our website and app, WhatsApp or by calling us.

If you need more help to order everything you need easily or solve all your doubts, do not forget that you can visit the section "How does it work?" or "Frequently asked questions" where you will find all the answers to your questions.


Mo - Su: 8:00h a 20:00h


(+44) 800 000 000




How does it work?

What you want, What you want, when you want and where you want.

1 Information

Choose the service or product you need and schedule the time and day.

2 Contact

Write all the details of what you need and the contact information.

3 Pay

We will call you to confirm your request or order and take care of everything.

Frequent questions

We try to be transparent, what you see is what you get.

Cancellation, return and refund.

To cancel a service, you can do so through the email we send you when placing your order, by contacting us or by contacting the person or professional assigned. Remember that you can only cancel the service 24 hours in advance.

We will not make any return or refund if you notify us outside the established time.

Once the service is canceled, we will make a return and refund the total price of the canceled order automatically to the account or card used.

Canceling 24 hours in advance is mandatory for the return and refund, this is because the service is automatically assigned to the trusted person or professional with available experience who performs the service immediately.

If for any external reason the service cannot be performed, we will notify you and the person or professional assigned will call you immediately to inform you. Cancellation, return and refund is made immediately in this case.

Change the day and time of service.

You can change the day and time of the service 24 hours in advance. To do this, look at your email inbox and check the email of your order. You can also contact us or the person or professional assigned and request the change.

Remember that if you do not make the change in the established time, the service will count as completed and we will not be able to make a return or refund.

Return of third party products and services.

Unfortunately we cannot refund the amount billed for products and services purchased or contracted from third parties once it is acquired by the assigned person.

You must return or exchange your own products or services to third parties.

If the third-party product or service is defective or not what you expected, we will try to provide an available solution. If there is not, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Additional charges and payments.

We will only make an additional charge automatically if this happens:

We have used more additional time than contracted to perform your service. (We will let you know if we think we will need more time).

We buy products or services that you ask us to buy or contract for you. (We will give you the proof of purchase).

If the product or service you ask us for is special or out of the ordinary. (We will ask you if you want to authorize the payment).

If at the end of the service we have needed more than +15 additional minutes of the contracted time, you will be billed for the corresponding additional time in bands of 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

Personalized payment.

No matter where you are in the world, we accept payments in your local currency and in more than +135 currencies from almost every country in the world.

In addition, we also accept payments in cryptocurrencies such as btc, bnb, etc.

Recader® maintains partnerships with the world's leading payment systems to provide secure payment and invoice processing.

We use the same payment systems that companies such as Airbnb or Spotify use and our website and app are on Google and Amazon servers to guarantee the security and privacy of the information.

Other questions.

To perform our services, we use public transport, scooter, bicycle, motorcycle, car, van, van, truck, trailer, boat, plane, drone, spaceship and other options that are necessary according to the needs of each client and the availability in that moment.

The entire network of people, professionals, local businesses and suppliers that work with us are completely trusted as they have been thoroughly verified with references and background.

We have done all the work so that you do not have to worry about anything so you can order anything you need easily and simply, no matter what it is. That has been, is and will be our personal brand.

Also, no matter who you are, we maintain absolute confidentiality of our services if you need it, assigning the most appropriate person or professional. If this is your case, you just have to ask for it.

An example of what our customers have ever asked us to do: buy something in a clothing store, collect documents, make bill payments, wait in queues, feed the kittens while on vacation, walk the dog every day , water the plants, manage a repair, clean a house, buy tobacco and alcohol, etc ...

And many more things ツ

In #Recader you can for everything you need...

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